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A remarkable novel based on the author’s real-life experiences


Book, The Fear by Mark Cunnington


The Fear
Mark Cunnington

Published by Trio Publishing in paperback, priced just £6.99 with free UK P&P 


ISBN 978 0 9537951 7 8

Also available as an eBook



Praise for The Fear




"The Fear is a moving read. It tackles every parent's nightmare, that of a stricken child, all woven into a fast-moving plot. It's about confronting life's perils. The pivotal chapter is particularly powerful."

Henry Winter - Chief Footballer Writer at The Times


"An extraordinary book about an ordinary family - really interesting and absorbing..." 

Jo Brand


Four stars  "... a powerful read."

FourFourTwo magazine






A book written from the heart across the generations


John Alfred Dennett is a middle-aged man whose current dream is for his son to become a professional footballer. He also has a recurring nightmare, one caused by the aftermath of events from long ago. As both of John’s parents begin to regress because of their dementia, he starts reliving the times when death stalked his family and fearing the day history might repeat itself 




This book is the story of a man striving to protect two generations of his family. The story of lost memories, hope and aspiration, and of the screams from the past reverberating through to the present.


The Fear is the book that every parent simply has to read.



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